Company Profile

Dongguan Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

Is a medical health product development, production and sales of biomedical science and technology enterprises. Has a modern production workshop, advanced medical water-based system coating production lines, in line with GMP manufacturing standards of liquid, paste purification plant and a variety of advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.

Hongyuan has entered a steady development stage with a high standard and high quality. At present, it focuses on the research and development of natural cationic biological resources - chitosan products and potential bioactive polymer materials. Products include: chitosan functional dressing gel, chitosan functional dressings, dental desensitizer, infrared application, medical aseptic dressing, medical transparent dressing, infrared application, antipyretic stickers, etc., are widely used in wounds Nursing, Wound Repair, Oral Health and more.

Hongyuan has a first-class R & D team, from Europe and the United States technology, and Zhejiang University, many well-known institutions to carry out cooperative research. High standards and high quality are the characteristics of Hongyuan products and services.