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Japanese implant teeth storm - you want to repeat the same mistakes?

Release Time:2017/09/30

In January 2012, NHK, a national television station in Japan, aired a talk show titled "Dental Implants - The Causes of Medical Dispute in Rapid Decrease" nationwide. For three consecutive days, the ratings were extremely high.

The program described medical accidents caused by doctors' skills but even death accidents caused by arteries cut off and sequelae such as nerve palsy.
The broadcast of this program has aroused the national wave of doubt and trust in dental implant. Five years later, there are still patients who "talk about dental implants." This will also allow patients who would otherwise have had better access to treatment to lose forever the wonderful experience of dental implausation and bring undue burden and pressure on the dentists' clinical work.

Dental implant into the human oral cavity for 50 years, giving humans the second chewing and bite in the spring after the loss of teeth, to regain the all-natural enjoyment of delicious pleasure, can be said that human history in the field of tooth defects repair one of the greatest Innovation.

Fifty years later, one of ten missing teeth was replaced by a dental implant, and the dentists made a great deal of effort. However, the ever-present problems make it hard for sleepless dentists to sleep.